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Graceland Cemetery _ Field Trip [on your own] 



Before class on November 10th, visit Graceland Cemetery – the final resting place for many of the city’s most prominent and influential figures including both Daniel Burnham and Louis Sullivan.


Take a look at the cemetery’s website ‐

This website provides you with the following:

+ Directions to Graceland Cemetery

+ Simple map of the interior of the cemetery (maps should be available at the Cemetery Office)

+ History of Graceland Cemetery

+ Cemetery & Cemetery Office Hours (8am4:30pm & 8:30am4:30pm)

While at Graceland use your journals to record your observations. It is required that you find the

gravesites of Burnham (HINT: it is on an island), Sullivan and at least two other influential Chicagoans. 

Also be sure to visit the Getty Tomb.  Note the distinctive Sullivan features. 

that have come up during our other tours, lectures, & presentations (ex. Marshall Field, Potter Palmer, Cyrus McCormick, George Pullman, etc.)

NOTE: While this is a place that offers tours and is open to the public PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL.

This is a cemetery and you are a guest.


When you return home reflect in your journal on what you saw. 


Follow the same strategy as outlined in the “Journal/Short Paper Assignments” document on D2L (under ‘Assignments’) 


Make this one of your short papers.  

conneting to the reading “plan of chicago” ; Harvard reference.

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