Two versions (350-400) words Discussion Questions

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I need two copy of this assignment one for me and one for my friend. We are in the same class and the same teacher. Please make sure it looks different.

Discussion Questions:

Are Tribunals and the ICC an “effective” means of holding individuals accountable for and potentially preventing genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes? What strengthens and weakens the effectiveness of the tribunal/courts? Will the ICC gain greater support from states in the future? Why or why not? As part of your answer, you will need to define “effectiveness” and then provide specific examples to support your points. link to open resource.

The focus of Week 5 is on the
creation and effectiveness of international tribunals and the International
Criminal Court (ICC) as a means of holding leaders responsible for the crimes
of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. These courts represent a
significant shift in international law as they focus on the actions of
individuals rather than states.

The assigned material for the week (the International Criminal
Court PowerPoint lecture, the readings and the movie “Hunt for
Justice”) should provide you a substantial amount of knowledge about the
why, how, who, when and what of the court/tribunals.

Your total posting should be
350-400 words long. I am
combining the movie assignment (up to 100 points) and the week 5 discussion
forum (up to 25 points) for an assignment total of 125 points. You must refer
to the movie, the lecture and the readings in your answer.

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