UG Pyschology Trait Perspective Discussion

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Based on paragraph below develop a diagnoses and therapy recommendations.300 words , one reference


Trait Perspective focuses on the personality of a person which is characterized by a number of traits and that also builds his actions and behaviors in a social environment. Trait Perspective is the most followed perspective in psychology which says that some traits are biological but they get upright by the interactions and environment within which one interacts (Deniz & Satici, 2017). With this, a very well-known ‘Big Five’ Trait Model is linked. This model basically describes the five traits of openness, conscientiousness, Extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The trait model prescribes the continuum for each trait and further describes that every personality is built with these 5 traits less or more.


The subject chosen for the personality assessment based on the 5 traits is Thanos From Avengers. Firstly, out of the five traits Thanos has the trait of ‘openness’. Thanos, on the mission to rescue the environment and home planet around, brings great insight with him and is not aloof from all the other aspects around him. Moreover, he faces different challenges on the path he took for his home planet. The second trait Thanos possessed was ‘conscientiousness’. Throughout the war, he didn’t make decisions without any plan or goals. The leadership skills in him made him take every step with diligence and foreseeable factors that could directly affect each step he would take. With his strong willpower, he also proved that he always planned ahead keeping in view all the important elements, and then made his next steps, as he said that for the hardest choices to be made one must have the strongest wills. The third trait evident in Thanos was ‘Agreebableness’. Even though he was portrayed as a villain, he had kindness and affection (Allan, 2021). His fatherhood and his love for his adopted daughters show it all well. The personality of the chosen subject is assertive and has great foreseeability. The subject might be able to commit a crime in the ‘destructive’ way and has the ability to fight Superfight for its two traits of Conscientiousness and Openness.

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