UMUC Domestic Violence Is One of The Themes in Like Share Follow Discussion

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Description: Stalking is one thing that crosses the line between cyberbullying and actual felony. Oversharing your information on social media can lead to horrifying results.
Like.Share.Follow is a horror-thriller film. It revolves around Garrett who is a YouTube sensation on the rise. Shell is an avid fan. However, when they start dating, he has to consider whether sharing his life online with others is an invitation to community and rescue or stalking and obsession.
This film is a great representation of online obsession and stalking. The film features a likable protagonist who himself is part of the internet. All in all, it’s a decent film with some good suspense.

Paragraphs Needed
Explain the domestic violence in the fill from a systems perspective

Identify any pivotal moments in the film where intervention made or might have made a difference for your character

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