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Do your works contain underlying symbolism or themes? A narrative that the artist references? Would you characterize the work as expressive, formalist, or containing elements of both? How do the design elements used to create the work contribute to conveying meaning or mood?  In other words, how does the form of the work relate to its content? What is your interpretation of the work’s meaning? 

Finally, you’ve spent several weeks and a fair amount brain energy researching and writing about the works you selected as your most and least favorite artworks from Understanding Art. You’ve had time to thoroughly consider multiple dimensions of each, including aspects that you initially may not have noticed or been aware of. The final question that you must address is this: have your feelings toward either or both works changed in any way? And if so, why?

Write up to one page (250-400 words) for each work. Cite any sources you consulted in your research.

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