UNIT 3 ASSIGNMENT: Process Frame Assignment

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A framework for a process offers a context for managing complexity, a structure for organizing work and maintaining focus, and a necessity for avoiding confusion and ambiguity.


  1. Choose one of the five areas/processes you identified in the previous assignment or another process of your choice. Remember a process is “a collection of interrelated work tasks in response to an event that achieves a specific result for a customer.” (Sharp & McDermott, 2009). Don’t confuse a process with a function which is an occupation or department that concentrates related activities and similar skills.
  2. Develop a Process Frame for the process you choose. (Use the Process Frame template below, this is not an essay type assignment.) I understand that you may not have in-depth knowledge of the process or workflow if you are not deeply involved with it, but include information in the process frame that you think would be applicable from your understanding of the process variables. It can be fictitious if necessary. The intent is for you to think about important considerations as you begin to analyze a particular process.

*Remember that the process frame identifies the steps in a process as it currently exists. The process frame can be used to demonstrate the need to evaluate a process for potential improvement.

******Please use template below to fill out answer and use process frame for guidelines.

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