unit 3 dicussion

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If your last name begins with M-Z, write your initial post about why administrators should not implement evidence-based practice. Consider the information below as you write your post.

  1. Explain how evidence-based practice does or does not improve healthcare?
  2. Discuss how evidence-based practice can or cannot improve healthcare delivery systems?
  3. Explain why healthcare administrators do/do not need to practice and know about evidence-based practice?
  4. Explore the cost of evidence-based practice and discuss if this is or is not an affordable option.

Support your argument with research. Your post must include a minimum of one credible source. I recommend that you use the ECPI Online Library for your research. Remember that wikis and blogs are not credible resources. Remember to cite your sources, and include the URL(s) as applicable. Your sources should be cited using APA format.

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