University of Washington Bothell Surveillance Capitalism Discussion

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1.  According to Shoshanna Zuboff (Links to an external site.), what is surveillance capitalism and how is it different from industrial capitalism?  Zuboff argues that “surveillance capitalism is on a collision course with democracy.”  What does she mean? 

2.  In The Daily, Kashmir Hill explores a new facial recognition tool developed by Clearview AI.  How does the Clearview app work?  There is little to no regulation for this kind of technology, which means broader social questions about its use have yet to be answered.  What do you think: do the benefits of the Clearview app outweigh the risks?  Why or why not?  

3.  In The Known Citizen (see attachment), Sarah Igo considers the history of privacy in modern America, examining the complex rights and experiences associated with being “known.”  According to Igo, what do debates about privacy tell us about what it means to be a “modern citizen”?

4.  Black Mirror’s “Nosedive” (Season 3, Episode 1) depicts a social landscape in which every interaction is ranked and these rankings influence the degree to which one can access social goods and services.  How does this form of social surveillance change human behavior in the episode? (cite specific examples)  What was your reaction to the ending?**  

**Black Mirror is available on  (Links to an external site.)Netflix (Links to an external site.)  However, if you do not have access to either, please read Kate Crawford et. al’s  article, “Our Metrics Ourselves” (see attachment)

about the weight scale and the wearable self-tracking device (i.e. FitBit) instead, and answer the following questions.  According to Crawford et. al., how have these technologies changed the way that people “know” themselves?  How is “self-knowledge” used as as a marketing strategy for each?  Cite specific examples from the text.

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