Literature Review – 20% Individual (1500 words) Due: Week 6 Research Topic: There are a number of…

Literature Review – 20%
Individual (1500 words)
Due: Week 6
Research Topic:
There are a number of trends currently affecting the hospitality industry. Students are to complete a literature review critically evaluating how the industry is responding to changes in consumer behaviour in air travel, accommodation, restaurants and entertainment.
Students are expected to utilise academic sources which provide an up to date review reflecting on these issues and analyse their key findings.
Your sources should be no more than 5 years old, with a minimum of 8 academic articles used.
Ensure you refer to the resources provided to you on Moodle to assist with structuring your literature review
Specific requirements for the Literature Review:
• The Literature Review should be 1,500 words in length and must contain an introduction, a main body (i.e., an argument) and a conclusion (with no subheadings). The 1,500-word limit must be observed (+/- 50 words) and is the point at which assessment will cease.
• Include a Cover Page: which provides your Name, Subject Name, Subject Code, and your Lecturer’s name, your Seminar Day and Time, as well as your Word Count (the Cover Page is not included in the Word Count).
• The literature review must be typed using 12.5-point Times New Roman font and single line spacing ONLY.
• A Reference List should be included of at least 8 sources (the Reference List is not included in the Word Count) – please see next page for more referencing requirements.
• The essay should make reference to at least 8 sources as specified below:
• A minimum of 8 sources must be from academic texts or academic journals (please be careful when using online journals to ensure that you use academic journals rather than non-refereed on-line journals of dubious quality
Referencing Requirements – you must use the Harvard Referencing Style.
• For referencing information please consult the Harvard Referencing Guide available through
• The literature review requires students to demonstrate that they have read widely on their chosen topic and sought to apply the relevant theory. Therefore, your completed literature review should contain a list of references, which provide the correct number and type of references indicated. References must be laid out in Harvard Style which is the appropriate academic style for this degree. References within the text must also be in this style (the key is consistency).
• Note: References to ‘Wikipedia’ or to similar unsubstantiated sources will NOT be accepted.