Paper on Global Inequality and Poverty1. Important to read chapters 8 and 92. Go to: http://www.glob

Paper on Global Inequality and Poverty1. Important to read chapters 8 and 92. Go to: NOTE: You are not limited to only this site. You may visit other sites too. Surf this area to gain facts about stratification, poverty and conflict.3. Type up TEN very good facts on the above topic.4. Write an essay in which you describe an approach to ending global poverty drawing on, first, the Modernization approach and, second, the Dependency approach. That is, what lessons can we learn from each approach? Be as specific (and realistic) as you can as to what policies poor countries should enact. Also, consider the role of rich nations.NOTE: PERSPECTIVE IS GLOBAL, FOCUSING ON AMERICA ONLY WILL EARN YOU A FAILING GRADE.GUIDELINES: This assignment requires critical thinking and clarity of expression. -you must have a minimum of FOUR academic sources for this paper (cited in APA style in the back of paper on a sources cited page that does not count in the minimum page count); you should also cite your source in the body of your paper after you use it (author, date of publication) as I have demonstrated in parentheses. I will accept textbook as one of your required sources. -Do not use “I†or “you†in this paper. Do NOT use any webpages, non-academic sources, non-peer-reviewed sources, encyclopedias or encyclopedia-style cites without cited authors. -Do use academic journals, books, newspaper articles and other academic sources. If you are in doubt about the quality of a source, be critical. If you are still in doubt, email me. -Essay will be at least 4 pages in length. IT IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO EARN AN “A†IN ONLY 2 PAGES. If earning higher than a “C†is your goal, a length of 4 high-quality pages is encouraged. -All essays will be graded on a combination of content, critical thinking, integration of information you have read and learned and your ability to write in a grammatically correct manner. -You may not turn in papers or portions of papers that you have written for other classes as original assignments in this class. -Late papers and essays are accepted, however the grade will drop 10 points on a scale of 100 for each day they are late. In addition, I want you to know that: -You understand and can apply a sociological perspective to the issue -You grasp the ideas of theorists and theoretical approaches to sociology that are a part of this class and can explain these to others -You are able to use proper paper format in the APA style (citations only), grammar and punctuation Ideas in taken from your text, my class notes, articles, or book/s must be acknowledged. If you do use an exact quotation, make sure you understand the APA format and citation for doing this. Be sure to clearly state when ideas are not your own. If you do not, it’s plagiarism. Plagiarism may cause you to fail the paper and/or the class. See your syllabus. Do not overuse quotations in this short paper. Be selective. ` There are many Internet resources on writing essays. You can first explore NSU’s Academic Services at: If you can visit Academic Services (Nova Main Campus on the 1st floor of the Parker Building) they have a free booklet on APA style which is VERY useful. Only your references and citations need to be in APA style. You do not need an abstract, section heading, a running head, etc… You can also make an appointment with them for writing/outline assistance. Submit papers in the dropbox on Bb.