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Hijab in Islam I will be exploring Hijab in Islam, legislating religious dress. _____________________________________________________ 1-What is the contemporary issue? Explain briefly who, what, where, when, and why it matters? Hijab has been a symbol of modesty in Muslim women. The current globalization movement has impacted hijab a great deal and there can be found a trend where Muslim women have started ignoring hijab and wear normal outfits that are modest and in some case they are modern as well. This all has started in the late 20th century and is increasingly high in the current era. The protests can be seen from the Muslim community when someone starts adapting to the new clothing other than hijab even if that is modest too. The players from Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries face problems participating in world class games due to the restriction in dress code. The question here is that should Hijab be a mandatory dress code? 2- How are you showing a balanced account of multiple perspectives? For each perspective, write specific explanations that will illustrate their argument. Many believe that the decision of Muslim women to remove their head-scarves is mainly due to decline of modesty in their male counterparts even if there is strong recommendation from the scholars to use them. The conversations of hijab have always surrounded around Muslim females and males escape away with the same. When modesty is considered to the virtue of a person, it should also be applied for men not exclusively women. However, there are a number of reasons for Muslim women to remove their head scarves but this is the primary reason for that. Muslim women want a freedom they want their rights. According to Star Foster, hijab is more of a religious purpose than any other reasons. She conducted a survey to find out the main reason behind wearing head-carves and she came out with some interesting facts and it was quite opposite of the above mentioned…