Urgent on abortion law

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Without question, abortion is a hot button issue with most, and based on political and religious orientations, people have very strong reactions when the subject is discussed. However, to date, the policies, as is common with many others, regarding the issue are more likely to be based in emotionality than in actual fact. While Levitt & Dubner present some interesting findings on the link to abortion and crime, there are some notable flaws in their logic. What claims do the authors make in regards to abortion and crime? Is this plausible? What are the inherent methodological problems (Remember research methods?) in their study (Please use the academic literature to support)?

Note: Opinion pieces are not acceptable sources. Please remember that this is not a question of the morality of abortion but on it’s impact on crime and the methodological problems inherent in studies that purport to show causality. Significant points will be deducted if your post is about morality other than causes of crime.

Reminder: You must post a well-documented original post, and then reply to at least 1 other peer. ALL posts must be based in the academic literature and cited accordingly in-text and references using APA format.

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