Us alcoholic anonymous, health and medical homework

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This is the text to read This assignment should be a one complete page to 2 pages

  • Read The Doctor’s Opinion
  • Read Bill’s Story
  • Read Chapter 2
  • Read Window of Opportunity beginning 421
  • Read He Lived Only to Drink beginning on 446

Using complete sentences and paragraphs answer the following:

  • What are your thoughts, reactions, and observations related to what you read?
  • What are your thoughts related to the two stories? How are the journeys similar and different?
  • Pick a quote from your assigned reading, type it out, and explain
    why that quote stood out to you? Why did you pick it? (include the page

So, for example, if I were doing Chapter 7 from the NA book my blog would look like the following:

I would write a paragraph on my
observations on Chapter 7, which is Relapse and Recovery. I would say
what I thought of it, what stood out to me and maybe any observations I
had. This really is up to you. Everyone is going to have a slightly
different response. I don’t want to bias you by giving my own opinions.

I then would put a quote, in which case
mine would be “We focus on anything that isn’t going our way and ignore
all the beauty in our lives.” (p. 77) and explain why this quote stood
out to me. For me, it is the ultimate reframe. Addicts have a tendency
to always look on the negative side but the reality is there is “beauty”
and we need to help recognize that there is beauty there. If you can’t
feel the sides of a coffin when you first wake up – it’s going to be a
good day. 

Then I would explain how I would use
this chapter in counseling. One of the best things about Chapter 7 is it
normalizes struggling, it doesn’t mean that struggles need to lead to a
relapse, sometimes struggles help us grow. When a relapse happens, it
isn’t the end of the world. A person who has relapsed can stop, reach
out for help, learn from the relapse, and move forward. You’ll here the
phrase “progress, not perfection” that applies here. 

That gives you a little idea and also demonstrates that you should paragraphs and complete sentences.

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