us history

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Please answer them as an essay question. should have thesis, minimum 3 evidence to support the thesis and a conclusion,

I.Who came first? 

a.Indigenous structures and land resources prior to European arrival.

b.Interactions with European colonists; cultural differences that were significant

c.Effects on indigenous populations of European arrivals


II.Age of Discovery

a.Who is participating, why? What is accomplished, what are the goals?

b.Political structures within Europe promote competition

c.Economic struggles of European nations in a mercantilist competition; who’s doing well? Who’s failing?

d.Progress oversees both before and after Columbus (note: you do not have to know every single colonist who ever crossed the Atlantic, but do know the general patterns)

e.Treaty of Tordesillas and the “zones of influence”


a.Eastern seaboard: English, Spanish and French

i.Differences in motives? At least in theory

b.English: Economic vs. religious colonies (what’s going on in England at this time that spurs colonization of either kind?); case studies we discussed in class. Joint Stock, Royal Charter

c.Jamestown, London/VA colony – successes and failures

i.John Smith

ii.Powhatan, Pocohantas

iii.Plantation economy/staple crops

iv.Endentured servitude

d.Pilgrims vs. Puritans (cultural and belief differences)

e.Massachusetts Bay Colony; Mayflower Compact;

f.Roger Smith, Anne Hutchinson, etc (dissenters; founding new colonies)

g.Spanish in Florida; French in Canada; Dutch in W. Pennsylvania

h.Maryland and the Religious toleration Act of 1649

i.Enclosure in England; Wars in Europe (religious and political); English Civil War (Bill of Attainder: Treasonous acts resulting “in the loss of civil rights” – applicable even to the king)

j.Successful colonies. 

k.New England Confederation

IV: Steps towards independence/revolution

a.Boston Merchant’s Association

b.Navigation Acts

c.Statutory (Salutory) Neglect (see English civil war again)

d.End of interregnum; The Restoration; Cromwell has a bad day L

e.After which…show me the money. 

f.French Indian War, 7 years war

g.Navigation Acts

h.Grenville Program: sugar act, stamp act, quartering, delaratory, etc. 

i.Odious Acts

j.Samuel Adams: Correspondence Committee

k.Thomas Paine: Common Sense

l.Boston Massacre, tea party

m.First Continental Congress Sept 1774

n.Declaration of Rights and Grievances; Olive Branch Petition

o.Minutemen (local militia); Lexington-Concord; Paul Revere’s ride; shot heard round the world; War. 

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