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  1. Listening
    the different rhetorics today about race in the news, one wonders if
    the subject of race has resurrected again in the US. How do you think
    the US should handle the refugees from other countries, do you think
    Donald Trump has the solution by deporting all illegal immigrants, can
    he evenfulfill his
    promise to do that is he becomes the next President of the United
    States? If you were the next president, how will you handle the issue of
    race andimmigrantsin the US?  Also w
    the videos posted above and send me a 2-3 page video response on what
    your thoughts are on the state of race relations in the US and around
    the world, what do you 
    think are the prospects, have we overcame racial biases, prejudices, discrimination, and bigotry?  Are you optimistic that we can become color-blind in the nearest future??? Share your thoughts with me as the next President of the United States of America

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