US Position on Syria and ISIS, political science homework help

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Explain the Foreign Policy position of USA on ISIS and Syria based on how power, and Relative Power shapes the US foreign policy position on the Issues of Syria and ISIS. In 12 to 14 pages. Use the attached the 3 sources and two additional ones they MUST be annotated and you can add more if you need.Use Chicago citation Style. Please read carefully the additional instructions in the attached paper.  





3) Hook, Steven W., and John SpanierAmerican foreign policy since World War IICq Press, 2015.

The Syrian people on the receiving end, are facing the agony of war in the form of bullets, bombs, chemical weapons and war crimes of the President Assad and his military forces. People of Syria tried their best to get rid of a dictator but there was something else written in their fate which led them to a life of exile, refuge and the pain of the lost family members that is increasing the number of recruits done by ISIS both in males and females to take the revenge from the regime but originally they are only shouldering the brutal agenda of the terrorism spread in the faces of ISIS and Hezbollah. The reconstruction of Syria would never be able to reverse the losses of the Syrian people but may be a guarantee of a safe and secure future of the next generations of Syria.


4) Kelly, James E. “Not Our Fight Alone: An Analysis of the US Strategy Combating the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.” (2015).

Iraq, Syria and Yemen are among the affected countries where homogenous communities are ripping apart by radical groups exploiting sectarian divisions for selfish gain. Groups like ISIS, the Shi’ite militias, Hezbollah, and Houthis use religious fanaticism to gain loyalty by giving the young a militant identity, a sense of belonging and a justification for fighting. In fact, ISIS is a result of anarchy in Syria and Iraq

5) Sharp, Jeremy M. Syria: Background and US Relations. DIANE Publishing, 2010.

A peaceful solution of the Syrian civil war has entered in an impossible phase because the either it is Syrian regime and its forces or ISIS and other militant groups, all parties have looted, killed and tortured the opponents beyond the extreme limits of brutality and cruelty, and the horrible massacres that had committed, so that it has become an impossible step to talk about peace.






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