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read the book from chapter 13 to utilitarianism chapter 20

· ISBN- 978-019027-3637

· Publisher: Oxford University Press

· Publication date: 2016

Requirements— Your responses should be approximately the word total suggested for each of the five questions. These suggestions areapproximate; do not obsess about hitting these numbers exactly. The text must be double spaced, and printed single-sided, with 1.5” left/right margins. 

(NOTE: there is a  2/3 letter grade penalty for noncompliance with each of these underlined factors).  For a heading on the paper, use whatever you like as long as your name is present.

You must bring the paper to the class on Wednesday the 12th, during class time. Alternatively, if you can’t be in class, you must have someone else turn it in on your behalf. For example, you may email it to a classmate and have them print and submit it (or you may have anyone else bring it to class).

If you do not turn in a paper during class time (or have it turned in on your behalf) on Wednesday the 12th, youwill receive an F for the test. 

Questions/Instructions— (answer questions 1, 2, & 5 as a good Kantian would)

1. What is the distinction between an action that is done merely in accordance with duty and one that is done from duty? (100 words)

2. Why does Kant think that the only actions that have moral worth are those that are performed because of “reverence for the law.”? (100 words)

3. What is the one general principle that the Social Contract Theory, Kantianism, and Utilitarianism have in common?Briefly explain how the principle works in each moral theory. (100 words)

4. Which subpart of Rawls’ principles was the most contentious? Why? (100 wds)

5. Here is a thought experiment you are to analyze and state what it is moral to do, and why:

A friend and I are stranded on a desert island, thinking we are about to die. My friend is a very rich man, and an ardent sports fan. He gives me power of attorney over his fortune, and he asks and I agree to see to it that the money is given to the Washington Redskin football team, to pay for next season’s draft picks (players the Skins are recruiting to play for the team), in order to make the team better. My friend dies, but I am rescued. Once back in Washington, I decide that it would serve a higher purpose to give the fortune to a children’s hospital, which could surely save many lives with the money. Would it be better for me to give the money to the hospital? Why? (100 wds.)

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