Venus Lab, A document is uploaded with a 29 questions

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Question 1 (3 points)

On the USGS Venus Interactive Global Map webpage (, click on <Search Nomenclature> on the upper left of the screen. This will open a window where you can type in the name of a feature.

  • Enter “Hervor Corona” and click <Find>
  • Under <Results> on the left side of the screen, the feature will be listed. Click on + to the left of the name and information will be displayed.

1. Scroll down in the results window and record the following information for Hervor Corona.

Diameter: ______________ km

Center_Long: _______________ °

Center_Lat: _______________ °

Question 2 (2 points)

Select the <Measure> tool from the upper right side of the screen. A small window will appear with three icons. The left icon, “Point-Coordinates” will return the location of the cursor when we click on the map.

  • Select “Point-Coordinates”, move the cursor to the thumbtack and click. The X and Y coordinates will appear in the <Measure> window. Record the values below.
  • Be sure to read the IMPORTANT NOTE in the lab textbook!

2. What are the coordinates that appear:

X Coordinate: ______________

Y Coordinate: ______________

Question 3 (1 point)

In the “Measure” Window, click on the center icon, “Line-Distance”, to measure distances and sizes on the screen. (Consult the lab textbook for the entire description of steps to to take.)

  • Move the cursor to the right side of the outer ring so that the black line is horizontal across the corona. Double-click to end the line. The length of the line will be displayed in the “Measure” window. Change the length value to kilometers.
  • Be sure to read the NOTE in the lab textbook.

3. Using the “Line-Distance”, measure the diameter in km of the inner ring of Hervor Corona.

Total Length of inner ring: ____________________ km

Question 4 (2 points)

An example of a Radial-Concentric corona is Selu Corona. The radial concentric type has intense fracturing that radiates from the center of the corona along with the typical circular fracture pattern.

  • Click on <Full Extent> to return to view the entire surface. Use the <Search Nomenclature> and the <Measure> tool to find the X and Y Coordinates.

Selu Corona: X Coordinate: ____________ Y Coordinate: ____________

Question 5 (1 point)

Another type of corona is the Concentric-Double corona. These are similar to the basic type of corona, Concentric, but they have two distinct annular ridges and/or moats instead of one. An example of a Concentric-Double Corona can be found at X = -83.9 and Y = -29.9.

Enter these coordinates in the <

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