Video Games – Violent Behavior, sociology homework help

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Topic to be addressed:  “Do Video Games Encourage Violent Behavior?”

Imagine that you are running for a state office (e.g., governor, senator, or
representative) and you have to prepare a position paper for a debate on
controversial issues in the news. You will want your position paper to
demonstrate critical thinking, sound logic, valid claims, personal passion, and
credible support that is cited correctly because the paper will be provided to
the news media before the debate and will be scrutinized by the media and
reported on regarding these criteria.

Write a two to three (2-3) page (700 to 1,200 words) paper in which

  1. Introduce your position using a thesis statement in the first paragraph,
    including a quote, question, or statistic from your reliable sources and an
    overview of the main points you will cover. (It’s important to grab the
    audience’s interest and inform the audience of what the main and support points
  2. Provide two or three (2-3) major points to support your thesis statement.
    (Put each major point in a separate paragraph.)
  3. Provide one (1) paragraph in which you identify and answer an expected
    argument against your view.
  4. Organize arguments and support your claims effectively.
  5. Demonstrate personal passion for your position and critical thinking with
    persuasive language, sound logic, valid claims, and credible support for the
  6. Provide two to three (2-3) credible and reliable references (in addition to
    the textbook) about current events, which have been published in the last five
    (5) years and are cited correctly in the position paper. (Wikipedia is not an
    acceptable source.)

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