View the film Field of Dreams. Read poems “Black Hair” and “The Old Pro’s Lament”.

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In literature, there are two general terms that apply to many pieces: realism and romanticism. The terms refer to how the worlds of stories or poems are depicted. Realistic depictions try to paint a picture to capture how things really are. For instance, the film Saving Private Ryan is remembered for the gruesome detail of the opening battle scene in the storming of Normandy. As for sports films, Friday Night Lights tries to put you into the real worlds of the athletes. By romantic, we don’t necessarily refer to love but to a more idealistic view, whether that is referring to love, nature, fate, sports, and more. The film The Natural gives a romantic view of baseball, as does the film Field of Dreams, our final film. Perhaps one of the reasons we continue to gravitate to sports is that we all hold, at least somewhat, a romantic view of sports. Remember Roger Angell’s thoughts about being a fan, as we still elevate sports to something worth caring about. Perhaps ideals are never reached, as we have considered in our discussion of the ideal citizen, but perhaps something good comes highlighting what is great about sports or any aspect of life.

What aspects of Field of Dreams connect to ideas we have encountered before? Try to choose something beyond the connection to Shoeless Joe. As we prepare for the final exam, it’s important to note that there will be a question dealing with this film. Let’s help each other brainstorm to help each other understand this film through the ideas of this course.

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