Watch two films and compare or contrast chosen topic

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NOTE: The film you choose should be one of our post-1989 films, since that is where the last essay left off.

HRS 181, Essay 2

See formatting instructions on syllabus.

Choices are the name of the game this time around. Pick one of the following choices to write a 4-6 page essay on. Label your essay according to the choice you make (ex. 2A), or there will be a 1 point deduction on your essay.

For any of these essays, you must refer to at least two of our assigned readings in a way that illustrates both your understanding of the text as a whole and your ability to apply the reading to the films discussed. Throwing in quotes doesn’t do this. Readings chosen must be appropriate to the topic you choose (ex. if writing about gender, the readings you choose should be about gender). The readings must be from among our scholarly texts, ex. the chapters OR academic essays assigned on the syllabus rather than one of the shorter, more popular, and less academic essays. If unsure about your selection, please ask. Choose from films after week 4 as well.

Essays will be graded according to: quality of writing, strength of thesis, completion of the question, and displayed knowledge/understanding of class lectures, reading, and viewing. If you have a very focused argument, you may be able to do a comparison/contrast between two films; you should discuss this with me.

2A Discuss the treatment of gender in one of our films, coming up with an argument to make about it.

2B Discuss the treatment of sexuality in one of our films, coming up with an argument to make about it.

2C Considering our discussions of authenticity in class (re: The Crying Game, Ghost in the Shell, Moana), formulate an argument about the representation of race, nation, gender, or sexuality in your chosen film from our class.

2D Discuss the construction of identity or humanity in one of our films.

2E Propose another idea to Dr. B.; it must be proposed and accepted in order to complete this choice and get credit for it.

Cinematography has not been the focus of most of our discussions, but if you have some background in how to “read” a film, you certainly may want to discuss visual as well as narrative elements.

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