web design and css discussion board one

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In the Discussion Board assignment, you selected a local newspaper’s Web site that you will be redesigning throughout this course. In this assignment, you will develop a look and feel for that site.

Use Photoshop, Illustrator, or Fireworks to create a mock-up of the redesigned Web site. You may use text from the newspaper’s Web site to help you fill in content. You may also use some of the advertisements. Apart from that, you may not use any other content from the site. You should develop all logos, site graphics, and styles yourself. Below your image, include a link to the newspaper’s Web site you redesigned and be sure it exports along with the rest of your design. You should export your mock-up as a JPEG.

Do not use Dreamweaver or Flash templates for this assignment.

Assignment Guidelines:

  • Using Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, or any other appropriate graphics design application of your choice, create a mock-up of how your Web site will look.
    • Design the initial layout of the redesigned Web site
    • Incorporate any written content or advertisements from the original newspaper Web site.
    • Design any logos, buttons, and graphics that you wish to use.
  • When you are finished, place the URL of the original Web site under your image.
  • Save the mock-up as a JPEG.

Your submitted assignment must include the following:

  • A JPEG mock-up of your Web site redesign that adheres to the Assignment Guidelines listed above.

Please submit your assignment.

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