Week 4 Discussion—The Power of Language COM, writing homework help

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Consider these statements:

  • What you say is who you are.
  • Words are powerful.
  • You choose language.

Our lecture points out the importance of choosing the right words and expanding our mental lexicon (our base of words from which we choose). A recent study (Links to an external site.) found that the number one concern of employers is an employee’s lack of language skills (written and spoken).

The Power of Language

Visit the following website http://litemind.com/10-strategies-improve-vocabulary/ (Links to an external site.), which outlines 10 strategies for improving your vocabulary (mental lexicon).

Describe which strategy resonates most with you and how you can specifically apply that step to improve your vocabulary. Include a discussion about how you anticipate developing your skills with language will help you in your career pursuits. Why is it important to improve your language skills?

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