week 4 marketing quiz

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Question 11 pts

What historically was called a TV ad is increasingly likely to be seen on a computer or mobile device. This is an example of (8.4):

Integrated marketing communicationsFair tradeMedia convergenceDemarketingPlanned obsolescence

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Question 21 pts

Which of the following is NOT a stage in the purchase decision process? (7.1)

Alternative evaluationNeed recognitionPostpurchase behaviorAnalysis of motivationsInformation search

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Question 31 pts

Grouping customers on the basis of their purchase histories is an example of what type of segmentation? (7.3)


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Question 41 pts

Office Giant’s environmental scanning efforts would NOT include which of the following (8.1)?

ROI evaluation of marketing effortsGathering competitive intelligenceMonitoring social media conversationsIdentifying office technology trendsInterviewing its former customers

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Question 51 pts

Apple hires a researcher to monitor how students use iPads in the classroom over the course of an entire week. This is an example of what type of research (8.2):

Data miningFocus groupEthnographyEye trackingCopy testing

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Question 61 pts

Which of the following represents a MICRO-environment influence for Power to the People Gym? (8.1)?

The time of yearThe economyFederal subsidies for gym membershipsRising awareness of exercise importanceThe CEO’s desire to see brand advertised on TV

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Question 71 pts

Which of the following is a common reason why successful domestic brands fail in foreign markets: (8.5)

Ugly packagingFlawed pricing strategyLack of understanding of local cultureProduct recallsLack of advertising agency talent

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Question 81 pts

Which of the following is NOT a likely outcome of Spiffy Spiff Car Wash’s implementation of a CRM system? (7.4)

More targeted mailingsEnhanced sales reporting and predictive modelingTrigger marketing tacticsMore mass marketingNew segmentation strategies

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Question 91 pts

Which of the following concepts does NOT relate to positioning? (7.3)

Unique selling propositionCompetitive differentiationPerceptual mapsMarket nichesCognitive dissonance

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Question 101 pts

The study of why consumers do what they do is known as? (7.1)

EthnographyPsychoanalysisConsumer BehaviorSystems engineeringSegmentation

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