Week Four Instructor Guidance, writing homework help

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Prepare: As discussed in Chapter 4 and the Week Four Instructor Guidance, intentional learning requires focus, commitment, time management, and self-regulation of learning behaviors. In addition to general study habits, developing sophisticated personal learning strategies will help you own and control your learning behaviors. Return to the chapter and critically read the scenarios of Dan, Cassie, and Nia in Section 4.2, The Importance of Self-Regulation and Metacognition in Section 4.3, and the concept of FIT: forge, intensify, and tether in Section 4.4. Note how Dan, Cassie, and Nia all lack an understanding of how to be mindful, intentional learners. Their study habits are riddled with common issues, ranging from self-doubt, fear of not doing things right, to overconfidence.
Reflect: Carefully review Worksheet 4.1 in Section 4.1. Reflect on your own internal and external success factors and on your academic performance over the past three weeks. Analyze how a lack of self-regulation can hinder academic success and how, conversely, being intentional can lead to increased success and deeper learning. Your honest evaluation begins the process of developing personalized learning strategies and allows you to examine your readiness to take the next steps toward becoming an intentional learner.
Write: You will address a learner scenario in your response. Your assigned learner is indicated below based on the first initial of your last name:

  • Dan – Last name A – G
  • Cassie – Last name H – L
  • Nia – Last name M – Z

Consider what your assigned learner could have done to be more successful. Explain two things that the learner could have done to FIT (Forge, Intensify, or Tether) his or her Learning Patterns more intentionally.

Reflect on the past three weeks.

  • Identify an assignment or learning activity that you could have done more intentionally.
  • List your LCI Scores and explain which Learning Pattern (or Learning Patterns) you could have FIT to be more successful on that assignment or learning activity.

Your initial post should contain a minimum of 250 words.

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