Weighing the costs and benefits of Civilization – where would you live?, assignment help

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In this module, you have learned about Neolithic farm villages and the urban settlements of civilization. Now let’s see if you can distinguish the difference between the two, using the characteristics of each given in your text.

This discussion offers an opportunity to work with others in a smaller group. On the Discussion you will find forums set up by group number; each forum will be limited to 6 participants, and it is first come, first served. Post to one of the forum threads early to reserve a spot!

Core question: Weighing the costs and benefits of Civilization – where would you live?

Analyze and categorize these two case studies:

Briefly comment on:

  • What characteristics distinguish the village from the city, and how can you tell?
  • What would be the pros and cons of living in each?
  • Pick a home: if you had to choose a new home, would you relocate to Cahokia or Chaco Canyon? Why?

Use the video resources in this module PLUS research at least one credible website to provide additional supporting information. Be sure to incorporate material from your text and provide adequate description of life in these settlements to make a good case for your conclusions. Your are evaluated primarily on the data you provide to support your answer.

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