well-developed, 5-paragraph essay

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Objective: Write a well-developed, 5-paragraph essay in which you select ONE of the terms from the list at the following link for the purpose of illustrating a central point/main idea (thesis) about that topic. Here is the link to the terms from which you may choose:


Points to Remember:

  • Write this in 3rd-person, formal point-of-view (no “I,” no “you,” no “we”).
  • Adhere to Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting guidelines.
  • No secondary source documentation is required for this assignment. However, if you incorporate any source from outside of yourself, you must give credit where credit is due to avoid plagiarism. Recall that our essays are scanned via Turnitin.com.
  • Proof carefully. This essay will be assessed on both content and grammar.

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