West Coast University Science Permanent Tooth Eruption Question

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I need an explanation for this Science question to help me study.

For this week’s group assignment, you will work with up to 4 of your classmates to create an informational brochure that you can use to present to patients who have questions regarding the tooth eruption process and times. Use any of the brochure templates from your previous courses that you felt was easiest to work with and will produce a product that your group is happy with.

The chart must be original and not copied from the internet or other resources. The mapping as a group will facilitate learning of the process. It can focus on just primary teeth, permanent teeth or both.

Make sure that the brochure contains at least the following information:

  • Tooth eruption times
  • Information regarding each tooth and it’s eruption
  • Additional information on tooth care during eruption, or problems that can occur during eruption or any information relating to or effecting the tooth eruption process.


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