what are some examples?

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Answer the Bold question that is a follow up to the attached essay. Answer does not need to be more than a couple of paragraphs.

I agree with you that James Whale made good use of acting to create the fictional world of his 1931 Frankenstein film. When it comes to the character of Frankenstein, it required some good acting to “make the audience believe that he can create life by assembling body parts from the dead,” Colin Clive’s acting was crucial. One key part of Frankenstein’s character is his motivation — the mere fact that he *wants* to create life from dead body parts, and this requires us to see that Frankenstein is insane.

But another key aspect of the fiulm is that it has to be *possible* for this crazy character to carry out his crazy scheme. For that to make sense to us as viewers of film — a visual medium — we have to *see* that Frankenstein has the means to carry out his mad scheme.

For your followup question, let me ask you for some examples of how Whale used some of the *visual* aspects of film to help us *see* that Frankenstein had the ability to create life — not just through acting, but also through the use of sets, etc.

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