what does agile mean to you?agile project management

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Write a paper responding to the question, “what does agile mean to you?” this paper is focus on agile project management!

In that report, discuss the list of words your group agreed upon and how you see them relate to the concepts of agile and agility. If your team came up with a lot of words or phrases, you may select a subset of them which are the most meaningful to you to write about (words are in attached PowerPoint). List an example of a work process or project which exemplify one or more of the words you chose to highlight in your paper. You may select a process or project from your own work experience, or select a project described in a source you select from a trade journal, newspaper or magazine article, book or web-based source. If you do reference a third-party source, please be sure to list its name and provide a link to it if it is available on the Internet.

Each paper should include an executive summary of the core content that the exercise was about.

The discussion within the paper must focus on the relevance of the topic to the management of a project.

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