What is employee motivation?

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Write a 2 page paper on employee motivation

1.5 line spacing, times new roman, 2 references 1 the book

Employee Motivation

1.What is motivation? – Touch on theory of motivation and why it is important in organizations. (Chapter 5)

2.Social cognitive theory – how can organizations use this theory to increase motivation? What kind of behaviors and skills can employees learn from their leaders to succeed in their role? (Chapter 5)

3. What is goal setting/ training – how can organizations use these tools to keep employees motivated? (Chapter 5)

4. Employee feedback – What is employee feedback? (Touch on characteristics of effective feedback and Sources of feedback) (Chapter 5)

5. What kind of rewards can organizations implement for employee motivation? Touch on financial rewards, intrinsic vs extrinsic rewards. Are there any other companies that reward organizations successfully? (Chapter 6)

6. How can all of the above improve employee motivation, reduce turnover, and strengthen the organizational structure?

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