what is human resource management

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Topic: What is Human Resource Management?

Many students come into this class believing that human resource management is only about hiring and firing employees. After reading the first chapter of your textbook:

  • Define what you think it means for an organization to manage its human resources.
  • How does effective human resource management contribute to a company’s success?

Can you make response each posted below # 1 to 3?

1. from: Jessica Walker posted Jul 9, 2018 3:03 PM

The human resource department is essential for any type of workplace. They provide the policies, procedures and means of recruitment, interviewing, hiring, firing, disciplinary action, fighting unemployment cases, training, safety, fun activities, team building, benefits such as vacation and insurance, and so many other functions. Human resources manages the employees, while the employees in turn manage the business. In order to be successful, every department has to work closely with the HR team, and the HR team needs clear guidelines to follow and enforce. The HR team takes so much time off of managers’ plates so they are able to dedicate that time to running whatever operation it may be.

2. From: Sheree Richardson posted Jul 6, 2018 4:47 PM

Human Resources is what keeps a company alive. Through the human resource department choices are made in the best interest of the company as well as the employee. For a company to manage their human resources they have to decide what type of employee they are targeting. For instance if a company is looking for employees to just keep up with the job demands. Their target employee would be someone youthful, eager, to work, like a student market. Students are willing to work, but are building their work ethics. So the turn over rate for this company would be high. SO it is vitally important for human resource to know their target employee market. Also the longevity of certain positions. for instance if a company is starting from the ground up, they need new a crew to start up the location. This crew longevity would be directly related to job performance. Some employees would be expendable after the shelves are prepared and stocked. These minute details are what are a part of human resource. Different aspects of business play into human resource. I believe that when a company handles this them selves it increases the quality of the work atmosphere.

3 From: Rachael Glidden posted Jul 9, 2018 12:12 PM

Human Resource Management consists of recruitment of employees and management of employees, yes, but it also consists of providing guidance through the employment process for these employees consisting of getting them through all of the processes and programs that make the company successful. The HRM members work to the best of their abilities to provide knowledge, tools needed, administrative services, coaching, legal advice, management advice, and other organizational needs for operation of the business. Effective HRM is very important to a company’s success. They play a very important role in making sure that the companies employees are properly trained and function to the best of their abilities for the company they serve.



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