What sort of questions was Socrates concerned with? History homework help

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1. What
sort of questions was Socrates concerned with? List a few of the “key events in
Socrates lifetime.”

2. Why
did the Delphic Oracle say “there is no one wiser than Socrates”? How did
Socrates interpret this?

Socrates’ Trial and in

3. What
did Meletus accuse Socrates of? Approximately how old was Socrates, and what
significance does it have at his trial?

4. Who
is Euthyphro and what was the nature of the discussion he had with Socrates?
And, what is the Divine Command Theory?

5. What
was the nature of Socrates trial? What was Socrates Defense? Why was he
convicted? Why was he sentenced to death?

6. Socrates
believed that no harm can come to a good man, neither in life nor in death.
What do you think he meant, and do you agree?

7. Why
did Socrates think it was wrong to escape from jail and flee the city after his

Plato’s Theory of Forms

8. Briefly
describe Plato’s Theory of Forms.

9. What
are Socrates four arguments for the existence of the Soul?

Socrates Legacy

10. Socrates
said the “unexamined life is not worth living.” What do you think he meant by
this? And, do you agree?

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