When creating the brochure, be sure to address or include the following

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At some point in your helping career, you might be tasked to create a brochure or other type of information piece for the populations you serve. Currently, you have been tasked to create a three-panel brochure for families attending a children’s health fair.

Please note: You can find brochure templates and examples online at a variety of places such as the Office site at https://templates.office.com/en-us/Brochures

When creating the brochure, be sure to address or include the following:

  1. The most common childhood processing disorders to include sensory processing
  2. Sensory processing challenges
  3. How to recognize a potential sensory processing disorder
  4. What professionals parents should contact for assessment/what does assessment look like
  5. Treatments/Interventions for sensory processing challenges
  6. Potential implications for other disorders
  7. Community and/or online resources for more information

When creating your brochure, be sure to consider your audience, particularly in regards to the terminology used and how the information is presented. For example, the families might not have a high level understanding of clinical terminology and if the brochure was written in that manner, many families might not benefit much from the brochure due to lack of understanding and/or feeling overwhelmed. Please note: if you have multiple documents, you should submit your work as a zip file

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