Which approach to leadership involves cultivating employee acceptance of the group mission?

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Question 1

Which approach to
leadership involves cultivating employee acceptance of the group mission?

A. Democratic

B. Transformational

C. Transactional

D. Laissez-faire

Question 2

________________ conflict results from the promotion of
self-interest on the part of an individual.

A. Political

B. Interpersonal

C. Structural

D. Goal

Question 3

The performance appraisal method where the supervisor only
records performance rather than evaluating is the:

A. graphic rating scale.

B. essay.

C. checklist.

D. forced-choice rating.

Question 4

Postponing the help needed by a troubled employee:

A. may save the company money.

B. allows time for the problem to work itself out.

C. permits better pretreatment analysis of the issues.

D. will not ease the problem.

Question 5

Which of the following strategies is the least effective
means of resolving a conflict?

A. Compromise

B. Smoothing over

C. Confrontation

D. Forcing a solution

Question 6

The supervisor keeps a written record of unusual positive
and negative actions by an employee in which of the following techniques?

A. Critical-incident

B. Work-standards appraisals

C. Ranking method appraisals

D. Forced-choice appraisals

Question 7

Conducting a performance appraisal, ideally, involves:

A. establishing a plan for improvement for the employee.

B. only going over the mistakes that the employee made since
the last performance appraisal.

C. identifying all related environmental factors.

D. allowing the supervisor to tell the employee off.

Question 8

________________ stress occurs when an employee is not clear
on exactly what he or she should be doing.

A. Task

B. Social

C. Physical environmental

D. Role

Question 9

________________ is the grouping of ratings at the positive
end instead of spreading them throughout the performance scale.

A. Leniency

B. Central tendency

C. Recency error

D. Halo effect

Question 10

Which of the following techniques is most likely to be
biased by the supervisor’s writing skills?

A. Graphic rating scale

B. Checklist

C. Essay appraisal

D. Forced-choice rating

Question 11

In _______________, the supervisor identifies work-related
behavior that needs to be addressed and believes that the EAP can assist in the

A. self-referral

B. recommended referral

C. mandatory referral

D. company referral

Question 12

Which of the following is NOT one of the preparations that
should be undertaken while dealing with a poor performer?

A. Terminate the employee.

B. Document all steps.

C. Work closely with the human resources department.

D. Plan for an immediate interview with the employee.

Question 13

In order for confrontation to be successful, which of the
following guidelines must be followed?

A. Place the blame on the guilty party.

B. Allow parties to argue aimlessly until they reach a

C. Determine a specific solution immediately.

D. Emphasize the mutual benefits to both parties.

Question 14

Which type of leader spends much more time than other
leaders directing the employees in solving production problems?

A. Supportive

B. Directive

C. Democratic

D. Mixed

Question 15

________________ stress occurs when interpersonal conflict
prevails among employees.

A. Task

B. Social

C. Physical environmental

D. Role

Question 16

When the situation is either highly favorable or highly
unfavorable to the leader, ________________ leadership tends to result in the
most effective group performance.

A. directive

B. authoritarian

C. supportive

D. autocratic

Question 17

The most common type of EAP is one in which the organization
hires a(n):

A. in-house professional to diagnose and treat problems.

B. outside consultant.

C. coordinator to make referrals to proper agencies.

D. in-house professional to develop a treatment program.

Question 18

Under which leadership style would the work groups
contribute little, if anything, to decision making?

A. Democratic

B. Impoverished

C. Autocratic

D. Charismatic

Question 19

________________ occurs when the goal of an individual has
both positive and negative aspects and when two or more conflicting goals

A. Structural conflict

B. Confrontation

C. Interpersonal conflict

D. Intrapersonal conflict

Question 20

Examples of structural conflicts include all of the
following EXCEPT:

A. role dissatisfaction.

B. mutual dependence of departments.

C. unequal dependence of departments.

D. prejudices.

Question 21

A(n) ________________ leader gives priority to work
accomplishment over human feelings.

A. directive

B. Theory Y

C. employee-centered

D. supportive

Question 22

A major advantage of
the ________________ approach is that it bases the performance appraisal on
factors that are generally more objective than those used in other methods.

A. critical-incident

B. ranking method

C. work-standards

D. forced-choice

Question 23

________________ is based on the belief that the leader
exists to meet the needs of the people who he or she nominally leads.

A. Transformational leadership

B. Laissez-faire leadership

C. Servant leadership

D. Transactional leadership

Question 24

The supervisor and employee should jointly agree on the
worker’s objectives and standards of evaluation in which type of performance
appraisal method?

A. Essay appraisal

B. Forced-distribution

C. Paired-comparison

D. Management by objectives

Question 25

The first step in the general approach for counseling
employees is to:

A. document the meeting.

B. describe the observations.

C. schedule a follow-up meeting.

D. identify the problem-solving techniques.

Question 26

Which of the following performance appraisal methods
requires the supervisor to write a series of statements about an employee’s
past performance, potential for promotion, and strengths and weaknesses?

A. Graphic rating scale

B. Checklist

C. Forced-choice rating

D. Essay appraisal

Question 27

When performance appraisals are based on personal
characteristics, which of the following may be a problem?

A. The supervisor is
not placed in the role of a judge.

B. Favoritism may influence ratings.

C. Supervisors prefer these programs.

D. They are so seldom used that they are not understood.

Question 28

Identify the correct assumption about the basic nature of
employees according to Theory X.

A. To the average employee, the expenditure of physical and
mental effort in work is as natural as play or rest.

B. At work, the intellectual potentialities of the average
employee are only partially utilized.

C. Employees will exercise self-direction and self-control
in the service of objectives to which they are committed.

D. The average employee prefers to be directed and wants
security above all.

Question 29

Which of the following guidelines is not recommended for
managing stress?

A. Pay attention to the physical needs of exercise, diet,
and rest.

B. Do not share persistent problems with others.

C. Try not to personalize everything about your job.

D. Do not create artificial deadlines.

Question 30

Wellness programs include all of the following EXCEPT:

A. insurance programs.

B. periodic medical exams.

C. stop-smoking clinics.

D. CPR training.

Question 31

Identify the correct statement about job descriptions.

A. Job descriptions
result from a job analysis.

B. They state the
qualifications necessary to perform a job.

C. In most large organizations, job descriptions are
developed by supervisors.

D. In small organizations, supervisors are not allowed to
develop job descriptions even for jobs under their authority.

Question 32

What is the major
problem with the paired-comparison method?

A. A different set of questions must be assembled for most
job categories.

B. It becomes unwieldy when a large number of employees are
being compared.

C. The group being appraised may not be large enough to
generate a bell-shaped distribution.

D. It bases the performance appraisal on factors that are
generally more objective than those used in other methods.

Question 33

Which of the following strategies in dealing with
interpersonal conflicts can be used to expedite solutions under time pressures
or to obtain temporary solutions to complex problems?

A. Confrontation

B. Smoothing over

C. Compromise

D. Withdrawing

Question 34

During the
________________ stage of conflict, the existence of the conflict becomes
obvious to the parties that are not involved.

A. perceived

B. latent

C. felt

D. manifest

Question 35

If an employee becomes hostile when referred to professional
counseling, the supervisor should:

A. sympathize with the employee’s problems.

B. postpone the discussion until a future date.

C. become adamant in order to get his or her point across.

D. remain firm but supportive.

Question 36

According to the Managerial Grid, which style of leadership
has a high concern for people and low concern for production?

A. Middle-of-the-road style

B. Impoverished style

C. Country-club style

D. Team-management style

Question 37

The ________________ leader wants the followers to share in
making decisions.

A. autocratic

B. laissez-faire

C. democratic

D. bureaucratic

Question 38

A ________________ leader wants to build morale, avoid
conflict, and help employees gain personal satisfaction.

A. Theory X

B. supportive

C. directive

D. task-centered

Question 39

When an employee asks
the supervisor to provide career counseling, the supervisor should:

A. try to avoid giving advice and call in a trained

B. accept the responsibility for each individual’s career

C. assist the employee by helping him or her evaluate ideas.

D. plan and make career decisions for the employee.

Question 40

Until recent years, most organizations attempted to:

A. avoid the employee’s non-job-related problems.

B. help rehabilitate problem employees.

C. retain employees however possible.

D. implement a variety of help programs.

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