Women, Gender and Contemporary Society 300 words and 100 words reply

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For this week’s discussion board I want you to think about how we construct reproduction America, and how the Reproductive Justice Movement is responding to that system.

Reproductive Justice argues that the entirety of our sexuality-reproduction spectrum is structured by gender, race, and class. From a feminist perspective, what are some specific examples of this (i.e. can you point to places where gender/race/class/etc. clearly impact people’s experiences with reproduction)? How are people empowered and/or disempowered within our current reproductive health system? How do public policies (i.e. laws, public programs, etc.) impact reproductive choice in our society?

Finally, consider if “politicizing” reproduction is counter-productive to public health and/or social equality. Do you believe that there is a way to de-politicize reproductive health issues such as abortion, contraception, and sex education? What approach to improving the situation would you take?

300 words discusstion and 100 words reply of other. and only one reply request.

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