word 365/2019

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In this project, you will modify a research paper. You will format text and format the
document using themes. You will use the
Find and
Replace command to correct errors in the document. You will add
and format a table and insert a footnote. Adding citations is an important part of writing
a research paper. You will add a citation using an existing source, add a new source, and
create bibliography for the paper. Finally, you will check the research paper for spelling
and grammar.

Skills needed to complete this

  • Apply document themes
  • Apply style sets
  • Select text
  • Use quick styles
  • Use character formatting (underline and bold)
  • Change fonts
  • Change font sizes
  • Change paragraph alignment
  • Change line spacing
  • Find text
  • Replace text
  • Create a numbered list
  • Create a bulleted list
  • Creating a table
  • Enter text in a table
  • Apply a Quick Style to a table
  • Cut and paste a paragraph of text
  • Add a header
  • Insert page numbers
  • Display a different header on the first page of the document
  • Insert a footnote
  • Add citations to a document
  • Select a reference style
  • Insert a page breaks
  • Creating a bibliography
  • Check for spelling errors
  • Check for grammar errors
  1. Navigate to the Subtypes
    section of the document. You will be applying
    bold formatting to each of the subtypes listed.
    Be sure not to bold the dash following each word. When you are done, you will have bolded
    five words.

  2. Now you will check the document for spelling and grammar errors. Navigate to the
    beginning of the document and start the Spelling &

    IMPORTANT: The following instruction are based on the default Word
    settings for Proofing. For grading in SIMnet, if the spelling or
    grammar errors are not flagged in your version of Microsoft Word and the instruction
    specifies “Change”, make the correction in the text of the document. If a spelling or
    grammar error is flagged in your version of Microsoft Word and it is not listed below,
    click Ignore Once to move to the next error.
    Do the following:

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