Work in Modern America

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Need help writing a paper showing my understanding of work in modern America. (I’ve uploaded a documents with many references and videos to help with the paper.) Minimum is 6 pages without title or reference pages.

Details: You will write a paper showing your understanding of work in modern America. Included in this paper must be an analysis of positive and negative aspects of our relatively new service/knowledge-based economy and our place in the global economy. You must also critically analyze the interconnectedness of immigration, globalization, democracy, and corporate power.

You Portfolio Project should meet the following requirements:

  • Your paper should be 6-8 pages long, not including the title or reference pages.
  • Cite a minimum of four peer-reviewed, scholarly journal sources beyond the textbook to support your statements.
  • Use evidence from your textbooks.
  • Cite three films or videos you’ve found in the course which relate to the theme of Work in Modern America, which is the focus of this topic for the portfolio project.
  • Format according to the APA Writing Style.

You are expected to convey complex ideas in a clear, concise, and organized fashion, using the required and recommended readings from the course for analytical support.

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