World Geography-Russia.

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For your journal articles for Russia, do not select an article on our/US relations with Russia possibly interfering with our past presidential election. There are so many other news topics I want you to focus on for and within Russia (and neighboring countries/FSU states). There are also many other topics including:

  • low total fertility rates in Russia and Putin’s incentives to promote more children/mothers assistance program;
  • the ban on adoptions to the US (leaving Russia);
  • environmental issues in Russia with “ecocide”-industrialization at any cost;
  • Russia/Germany relations;
  • automobile industry;
  • major engineering projects through the Russian heartland and Siberia;
  • health issues;
  • extreme wealth vs extreme poverty;
  • Lake Baikal and other National Reserves (Zapovedniks);
  • ecotourism;
  • ethnic conflicts in surrounding FSU countries;
  • the Buryat Shamans; and
  • many other topics specific to the Russian Realm.

  • Please follow the rubric

  • Journal Article write-up rubricSelect one article.Formatting: Followed all format guidelines 1-1.5 full pages, 11 font size double spaced with 1-inch margins.Organization: Writing is well organized, includes in the first half a summary of the article and within the second half of the write-up includes the student own original thoughts, questions, and critiques of article. Has appropriate paragraph formatting.Connection:The write-up makes appropriate connection between the topic the student selected and several key geography themes/terms for the region are in bold/underlined.Citation: Proper Citation Used including all required information.Focus: Select an appropriate topic for the designated element of study for the assignment. Topic focus of physical or cultural was clearly stated; region stated.

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