write 2 different papers

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IN APA format

first write for samira soumahoro at least 3 pages

second write for david jones 3 pages

attached will be a description of david and samira

Minor Project 2: Leadership Analysis (3 – 5 pages)


Write a paper that analyzes the leadership style of your assigned partner. Each person is to describe a situation in which they were leading a team, or were part of a team seeking to accomplish a specific goal or solve a problem. Your partner will describe the situation to you and how the leader, themselves or others handled the situation (key leadership actions taken or not taken). Describe the resulting outcome. Did the team accomplish their goal or fix the issue? Develop a point of view that explaining what worked and what did not work in the team leadership example. Draw upon knowledge gained from the class (e.g., leadership strengths, emotional intelligence, team effectiveness, etc.). Finally, provide your partner with a set of recommendations (at least two) on what the team leader could have done differently to improve team outcomes. Use at least two outside references in this paper.


The purpose of this assignment is to see if you can clearly understand and apply leadership and team leadership theory and knowledge by examining real-world scenarios. By working with a partner, it expands your ability to consult others on leadership development topics.

Outcomes Met by Completing This Assignment

  • The students will be ethical leaders.
  • Learn business problems and issues that confront modern leaders.
  • Apply theoretical and practical knowledge towards the analysis of strategic business and leadership issues in the modern society.

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