Write a 3 pages research paper really easy and simple

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Format: 3 pages, double-spaced, typed, #12 font Content.

For the Career Research Paper, choose a career(PHARMACIST) only talk about pharmacist please

  1. Describe the career. What are the typical job duties? Why are you interested in this career?
  2. Are certain personality types, interests, skills and values desired for your career – how does it match you? Go back to your portfolio of Career Assessments in CollegeScope: AchieveWORKS-Personality, AchieveWORKS-Intelligence, AchieveWORKS-Learning Styles. Go back to the Career Cruising Assessment on Interests and Values.
  3. What are your interest codes for this career? How does your interests and values match this career? Go to Career Cruising.
  4. What are some advantages and disadvantages of working in this career? What type of environment will you be working in?
  5. What is a typical day, week, month, year? What is the salary or pay? Part time? Full time?
  6. What is the job outlook? Is there a demand or not in this field? How difficult or not difficult is it to gain employment in this career?
  7. What are the educational requirements? Certificates? Licenses? Degrees? Advanced Degrees?
  8. What are majors needed for this career?
  9. What are related occupations for this career? Research other occupations similar that may be of interest.
  10. What are the growth opportunities?
  11. What interesting facts did you discover?
  12. Extra: Find a job advertisement on this career and paste it on a piece of paper or download it from a website (extra)
  13. To research your career, use at least 4 sources of information:
  1. Include a “Works Cited” listing of the sources you used.

It should be easy and simple and you have a plenty of time for it do a good job i will give you a good review and a tip.

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