write a paragraph about intellegence

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Next, review the textbook chapter on intelligence and review the major theories of intelligence (focusing on Sternberg, Gardner, Catell ONLY). Each of these three theories has multiple different aspects or types of intelligence. Choose one type intelligence from one of the three different theories listed above.

Next, go online to YouTube and find one videos. That video must be a person who has a high or low level of a given subcomponent of one of the intelligence theories. You may not use a video explaining the overall theory of intelligence or the specific type of intelligence within the theory. If you do so, you will lose points.

Provide the title and URL of all videos below. Next, identify the type of intelligence being show, the official title of the intelligence theory, and the last name of the person who developed the theory (Sternberg, Gardner or Catell).

Next, for each video, write a brief explanation of why this video represents a high or low level of the specific type of intelligence in the theory you selected.

Final, write a conclusion statement about the nature of intelligence, the theories of intelligence and/or the measurement of intelligence.

Video Title:


Type of Intelligence being shown (or not shown):

Why (2-3 sentences):

Official Name of Intelligence Theory:

Last Name of Person who developed the theory:

Conclusion (one paragraph minimum):

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