Write a research essay about China’s first emperor “Qin Shihuangdi”

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1. I gave a rough idea below, and you can correct any part you want to change.

2. write about at least 4 pages. (This essay will be sent to Turnitin.com which checks cheating, so please do not copy other essay)

Research Paper

Topic: Qin Shihuangdi’s right and wrong position

Thesis Statement: As the first emperor to unify China, he is a tyrant in history. But what is behind him is that he is helpless.


Idea (paragraph) A. His actions of burning books and burying scholars are helpless.

Idea (paragraph) B. His construction of the Great Wall to defend against foreign enemies was made up of the bodies and blood of countless people.

Idea (paragraph) C. Behind his tyranny is his fear of death.


Perhaps the demise of the Qin Dynasty was because Qin Shihuang and his officials were too quick to make a profit. After all, he has done a lot of great things to change the future direction. These big things are almost more than the sum of most emperors in the next two thousand years. In Chinese history, Qin culture is unique. The Qin people are practical and utilitarian. They worship rules and order and believe that force can solve all problems. Perhaps this cultural tradition has created a strong empire while also planting the seeds of destruction. But no matter what, they created a great civilization, and they left countless precious legacy for future generations.

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