write a short author profile of Julia Alvarez, English homework help

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You are to write a short author profile of Julia Alvarez.

You already know that Julia Alvarez is the Latina author of your project novel, ¡Yo! Who is she? Where did she grow up? What sorts of writing has she done? Can you locate interviews with and/or about the author? Can you find pictures? What is particular to her person, her background, her writing, and/or other facets of who she is?

When writing a profile, you want to provide an informative image of a person that is also engaging and perhaps even a little bit surprising. Try to make your profile vivid and detailed. Avoid simply restating information you have gathered. Take a unique angle. Insert the profiled person’s own words if you can. Attempt to inform and intrigue.

Aim for 2 to 3 pages. If you wish to insert photos into your Word document, feel free to do so. However, be sure to meet the length requirement. Cite all of your sources in correct APA style.

Where to start your research: Treat yourself to Julia Alvarez’s personal website. See her photos and other details: http://www.juliaalvarez.com

Note: As you prepare your Julia Alvarez author profile, be thinking about what specific topic related to her novel you might want to write about for your longer project paper. (You don’t have to settle on a topic until next week.)

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