write about creativity

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im applying to pharmacy school and they required a second personal statement. I really dont have the time to write one, so i need some help. this is the prompt:

Because the ability to write effectively will be important to you in pharmacy school and beyond, we ask that you write a second essay in addition to the PharmCAS Personal Statement. The theme of this essay is different from that of the PharmCAS essay, therefore the two should not be the same. This essay should reflect who you are and what is meaningful to you. It should provide us with insight about your character and how you came to be the person you are today. Pay particular attention to describing the unique qualities and personal characteristics that you believe separate you from the other candidates. Like all writing segments of the application, this essay is also an opportunity to demonstrate a complex level of thought and critical thinking skills consistent with a professional, graduate-level degree program. Your discussion points should be presented in a logically cohesive manner and supported by relevant examples.

I chose to talk about creativity through my photography skills. I already wrote the introduction and the first body paragraph. All i need is one more page and i should be fine. im looking for a narrative style kind of writing.

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