hash table

Develop the code to store the student records for student members of a club. You can pick the club type/name. You can expect the membership to start at 20 students but possible grow to 40. Each member’s record contains their name, 7-digit student ID number, and the year they joined the club.

Store the members in a hash table using closed addressing and chaining.
Determine an initial size for the array of buckets.
Create at least 20 examples of student records.
Determine your hashing function algorithm
Insert the 20 student records into the hash table.
(Display step) Develop a method to visually display the number of buckets used and the number of collisions. Your output should be similar to what we discussed in the lab on Wednesday January 29, 2020.
Add code to delete a student from this data listing and delete 3 students.
Repeat the display step

Run this program 2 more times using an array that is half the size of the first run and then again with an array that is twice the size of the first run.

Analyze the results of all 3 runs and write a paragraph explaining your observations. Include this paragraph as a comment at the end of your code.