write two reaction papers on Was Stanley Milgram’s Study of Obedience Unethical? Psychology homework

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I’m an intretnational student I want someone who can write two reaction papers in MLA style about a topic we given in classMilgram (Group 1)[1]-2.pdf so I’m international I don’t want tough words I want to make it as simple as you can I will attach the topic and prefacers requirements here.

Professors requirements:

here is the question of the pepper:(
Stanley Milgram’s Study of Obedience Unethical?
) talking about the topic which I’m going to attach.

Proffers requirements of the pepar  

Two reaction papers are required based on the Taking Sides

readings that are covered in our discussion groups. They will

be due the day of the group discussion and graded as 

“satisfactory”(S) or “unsatisfactory” (U). See page 8

of this syllabus for writing requirements and grading criteria.

Two S’s adds +2.0% to your final grade average; 1 S and 1 U 

adds +.5%; 2 U’s is -5.0% calculated into your final grade 

average. Your first U is correctable by rewriting the paper.

Any absence from a group discussion must be accounted 

for by documentation; otherwise, I will not accept your 

reaction paper for that discussion and it will receive a grade 

of U that cannot be corrected. You must make up the missed

discussion by participating in another group discussion.  

Good participation in the group discussions can help your grade for the course. 

1.Each student is required to do two reaction papers for
the course.

2.The paper will be graded as “S” Satisfactory or “U”

3.To achieve an “S”, spelling, grammar, and organization must be
good.  In addition, the content of
the paper should follow these guidelines.

a.The paper must be at least 3 complete, double-spaced pages and
stapled at the top.  A cover
should be attached that includes reaction paper title, your name,
name of course, and time of course. 
Pages of the paper should be numbered.

b.The first page should review the Yes side of the issue as presented by the author.  The second page should review
the No side as presented by the other
author.  The third page (and
fourth if you choose) is your response to the topic–”Yes” or “No”–including
how your response was influenced by the two authors’ arguments. 

4.If you receive two S’s, it will add +2% to your final grade
average; one S and one U adds +.5%; no S’s subtracts –5% from your average. Additionally, you may correct and resubmit
one U paper in order to raise the grade to an S.
When you submit the corrected paper, the original must be attached to
it and your corrections underlined/highlighted on your revised paper.
Corrections are due the next class after you received the original graded
paper.  Failure to not follow these
guidelines will result in a U on the corrected paper.

5.You are required to attend two of the group discussions
associated with the reaction papers. 
An unexcused absence from a group discussion subtracts –4.00%
from your final grade average; in addition, your reaction paper for that group
will not be accepted and therefore graded as a U.

6. Grading Critera. 

a.One incomplete sentence. Example: Which Tom
decided not to buy.

b.One run-on sentence (two sentences
punctuated as one). Example: Sheila tried to win the race however she fell
during the last lap.

c.Two misspelled words.

d.A significant error in understanding the
reading assignment.

e.Inadequate coverage of the topic.

f.Less than the required length of the paper.

g.No cover page.

h.Omission of any of the criteria in #3.


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