Writing a Journal One page about the book (Yang, Gene Luen. American Born Chinese. New York: Square Fish, 2008.) from page 1-133

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One page( from page 1-133)

* (You shoud have the book)

The journal gonna be like:

(single-spaced, 1’ margins, 12 pt. font, approx. 500 words) 

The idea and information for what to write in you this journals:

·                   ·       Pick out several quotes that are significant. Summarize them and explain how they are significant     in the wider work and/or our theme




·             Investigate the author’s background and connect it to the reading.

·             Take an opposing position on the reading

·              Discuss how the reading applies or does not apply to things happening today

·           Discuss how you can relate to it

·            Ask questions, pinpointing areas that you’re confused about

·            Write a brief story that illustrates something in the reading

·              Imitate the writer’s style in your response (using satire if you like)

·            Pick a passage and analyze something you found interesting in it

          Grammer and spelling are very important

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