Writing Assignment-Please read entire post no plagiarism please

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I am looking for an tutor who will be able to complete 3 assignments and a final paper . All of the assignments are related to each other. I will post the assignments to study pool separately with different due dates and I will list the price that I will pay for each plus an 18% tip for each assignment. Only bid for this assignment if you can commit to completing all 3 assignments and the final paper by the due dates. Thank you in advance for considering.

Assignment 1 due today by 10pm– This Assignment is due TODAY. Sorry for the short notice and I will allow plenty of time for the other assignments.$40 plus 18% Tip. Assignment 3-5 pages. See details below

Assignment 2 due by June 10th– $40 plus 18% tip2-3 pages See details below

Assignment 3 due June 15th-$100 plus 18% tip 8-9 pages See details below

Final Paper duedue June 18th-$100 plus 18% tip 10-15 pages due see details below

Select a topic for your paper and discuss why you are interested in writing a paper on this topic.Your brief assignment should be double-spaced/ 1 inch margins all around/ use 12 pt font.Use library and internet research to help you decide on a research topic.Start collecting journal articles on your chosen topic.

1. What is the purpose of the paper?

2. What is your research question?

3. What population will you study?

4. How will you conduct the study?

Assignment 1 needs to be 3-5 pages in length.

Assignment #2 Compile an Annotated BibliographyAPA Style (using resources for final paper) due date June 10th

Deliverable Length: 2-3 pages

Assignment #3How to Conduct a Literature Review (using resources for final paper)

Date Due: June 15th

Deliverable Length: 8-9 pages

Final Paper

Date Due: June 19, 2018

Deliverable Length: 10-15 pages

If you need this text book then let me know

REQUIRED TEXT: Lester, James & Jr. Lester, James (2010). Writing Research Papers: A Complete Guide. (16th Edition)

ISBN # 978-0-321-95295-0

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