writing-Conflict Summary Brief

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n the Conflict Summary assignment, you will demonstrate that you understand your conflict case by

summarizing some key details about it. The assignment’s purpose is to prepare you for your policy brief

by equipping you with necessary background information about your conflict and by helping you explore

potential avenues for resolution.

In the assignment, you should briefly (900-1200 words) describe the following features of your conflict


How did the conflict begin? What caused the conflict? How do the conflict’s causes contribute to

its intractability?

How did the conflict escalate? Describe how and why the conflict escalated beyond its latent


What is the current status of the conflict? If your conflict is de-escalating, in what stage of de-

escalation is it?

Describe some attempts to resolve the conflict. What are some key impediments to conflict


Important Keys to Success:


Research. Research. Research.

The first step to writing your paper is to research your conflict

case. Please pay careful attention to the information offered in class on Friday, 1/17 about how

to research your conflict case. You will need to synthesize information across at least 3 different

sources, and be mindful of implicit biases across sources. You should aim to present an impartial

summary of the conflict. Please use APA citation style (covered in class on Friday, 1/24).


Write concisely.

The summary is brief, and as such, you should be judicious in summarizing only

the most pertinent information about your conflict case. It is not necessary to cite material from

the Beyond Intractability Essays, but you may draw on the Beyond Intractability readings if they

help you describe key details about your conflict case.


Maintain a coherent paragraph structure.

It is not necessary to address each of the above

questions in order. Rather, you should respond to the questions in a way that allows for a

logical, cohesive, and coherent flow across your paragraphs. Do NOT simply copy and paste the

questions and provide your responses below.


Leave ample time for revisions.

You will be evaluated on the quality of your writing.


Submit only your OWN writing.

Do not consult tutors beyond those available through the

University (eg, LARC, Writing Center, etc.). Additionally, your papers will be subject to an

originality check via Turnitin.com.

My case is Abkhazia-Georgia.

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